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It’s a new year people.  Honestly a new year isn’t quite like a new pair of jeans, or a great daily wear pair of boots.  A new 365 days of the world isn’t the same thing as finding your new favorite song, or band.  A new year boasts a lot of unanswered questions.

Where will I live?
What will my new place look like?
If I follow through with my diet, what will my new body look like?
Where will my vacation take me this year?
Who is going to have a new baby?
Who will get pregnant, married, divorced?

We could ramble on with the monotonous resolutions, and things we wish to achieve.  We could tickle our brains, rub our hearts and stretch our skin to no end.  We can say last year is over the new year is here and we can promise ourselves that this year will be different.  Or we can be really honest with ourselves and realize something very important.

We can do all of these things if we work hard and be proactive about our worlds.  We can achieve every resolution, no matter how grandiose it is.  We can get a new car, or house, or have a baby, get married, get pregnant, get divorced, what ever we so wish.  We just have to realize that time is relative.  Your year can’t be achieved by any thing else in the universe, other than you.

Take that as you wish.  I don’t get offended by criticism, I get offended when I feel ignored.  Well — offended may be a harsh word.  I feel ignored when I am ignored, nothing more — nothing less, because that is all it is.  If it looks like Boba Fett, walks like Boba Fett, thinks like Boba Fett, and talks like Boba Fett, it’s Boba Fett.

Here’s a resolution for you!  Have a Star Wars marathon sometime this year.
I just had a Tarantino marathon.  It made me really happy.

So, I made a playlist tonight.  It is random, as in there is no clever theme I was trying to achieve…unless the clever theme was to have no clever theme, in which case I succeeded.  Anyway, I made the list and decided I wanted to punch the ol’ keyboard a bit.  Sounded like a good idea, so I type this post with little intention and little creativity.  I just want to exercise my digits and maybe ramble a bit until the playlist ends.  I guess one could think of this playlist as a workout playlist, or a gym playlist.  My workout just happens to be for the benefit of dexterity.  And instead of being at risk for a hernia, I am at risk for carpal tunnel.  I like my chances.  On the issue of my gym….hmmmm….well the world is my gym, because I can literally workout this way anywhere in the world — except for a pond, or a lake, or a stream, or a river, or a gulf, sea, OCEAN.  Well–I can workout like this anywhere that isn’t tainted by liquids.

Well, here is the playlist.  Excuse my manners, I should have given this to you long ago.  It may have helped join our brains, and help you find your way to my level — be it above, or below your own.  I understand that I can get a little off track some times.  I cherish the times  that I do though.  An open stream of conciseness is a healthy stream of conciseness, that’s what I — just said.

It has been fiercely cold in my habitat for the last couple days.  The cold isn’t quite as bad as the gray dreary days I had for the WEEKS before these last couple days.  But it is a dry, relentless cold, that sucks every bad germ out of the earth and plunges it down our throats.  Am I right?!?!  I mean if you have had the flu this year, you understand.  First it was your co-worker, then your boss, then another co-worker and finally you.

When it got me, I had the shivers, but as soon as I would curl up into something warm, I would sweat.  When I could finally find sleep, I had some really visceral dreams.  These dreams left me feeling terrified and delirious and aggressive.  When I would jar myself awake, my head shot up from the sweat drenched pillow.  I would gasp for breath, because I was overwhelmed with fear, and I couldn’t breathe out of my nose…..or my throat.  My clammy arms, with their smelly, sweaty pits,  would whirlwind ahead of me and my feet would Liu Kang bicycle kicked my allusive and cloaked capture.  I would scream and twist and grunt.  This is no joke people….this is what the flu did to me.  I was so out of it.

I’m ready for summer.  Truth be told, I have been ready for summer since October.  I’m a baby when it comes to the cold.  I can’t take it.  It drains me, humbles me, cuts me down and leaves me begging for mercy as it saunters away when spring arrives, then like every villain at the end of a franchise movie, it leaves one last clue about it’s mysterious and equally evil return.

Maybe this year I’ll move to Aruba and live in sun-shiny bliss for the rest of my days.  Here’s to the new year.

Well, that’s enough about me.
Tell me about you.
What’s going on?
Tell me a story.

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