High School Reunion and the Duality of Man Part. 4

I stared at the ceiling for hours.  Sleep had abandoned me, yet again.  My thoughts overpowered my desire.  I was burning up under the layers of blankets.  The pillows were too soft.  My bladder was playing games with me.  Mimicking Birds’ self titled album was playing on repeat, and so was the conversation my dad and I had, a few hours before I went to bed, and a few hours past the time I finally pulled into his driveway, Friday night.

“There once was a righteous man.  He had everything a man would ask for.  He was successful, wealthy, had a beautiful wife, 2 perfectly behaved, and good looking children; a boy and a girl.  The town enjoyed his company, and took everything he said highly.  He was respected and he was looked up to.  Some even thought him to be a profit.  This man was the epitome of divine, but he suffered from chronic migraines.  The pain was overwhelming.  Sometimes, as he suffered, he would cry for hours from the pain.  He dealt with this struggle the only way he knew how, and he knew he was truly blessed, so the time between the attacks, he remained smiling.

“Of course, a man with this kind of prestige, has enemies.  Our man is no exception, there was a bounty on his head, and a band of arrow throwing, bounty hunters was on the hunt.

“One day, while our man was walking to the  stream, within the woods, outside the town, the bounty hunters spotted him.  They assembled with a stealthy, quickness.  When they had a clear shot of our migraine suffering Demi-God, they agreed to let their best sniper take the shot, so to be sure they would be awarded the bounty.

“He aimed with a steady grip, and with an agile release, the arrow soared with elegance.  The wind conditions and the timing of the release created the perfect shot.  But the transition from summer to fall, allowed a leaf to glide to the ground at any given moment.  So, the perfect arrow, gliding with elegance, caught the corner of a leaf, that was just slightly browned by the changing season.

“Our man, being so divine, heard the shard of leaf crumble against the sharp tip of the arrow.  In an instant, our man had reflexively leaped, to avoid the dashing arrow.  But, just nanoseconds before his leg muscles flexed to propel him above the arrow, he was hit with a spontaneous migraine.  The pain in his head didn’t allow enough strength to jump above the arrows path, and the elegant arrow pierced his calf.

“It broke cleanly to the other side, and bled very little.  Our man, cried out in pain, again, as a reflex, but soon our man discovered that his migraine had gone.  He rejoiced in the small victory, but felt it was necessary to remove the arrow, in hopes to avoid infection.  So he began to wiggle the arrow gently out of it’s hole through his calf and shin, but as soon as the arrow head left his flesh vacant, the migraine returned.  This migraine was worse than he had ever felt before.  So, our man, being so wise, decided to return the arrow head to the hole in his leg, and promptly, his migraine disappeared.

The bounty hunters in confusion decided to confront our man, to try and learn something of their bounty.  Our man, being so kind and forgiving, thanked the men, and hugged them.  He realized they had provided a remedy for his migraines.  The bounty hunters realized, their best sniper, may not be the best after all.  But the bounty hunters were paid in the end, by our man.  He decided to start a school that focused on pressure points with in the human body; he employed the bounty hunters as doctors of acupuncture.
And that is the story of acupuncture, plus it reiterates the duality of life.”

For every negative action, there is an equally positive action.
Life is like a pendulum.  One side is positive, and the other is negative.  We are the cursor swinging back and forth.  We have momentum and we are steady.  But just like an amusement park ride, eventually you want to stop swinging, and you want to return to center.  So, we can enjoy the positive side of the swing, and we can lament about the negative side of the swing; or, we can just stop and find our center.  The center is a state of mind, a way of life, it isn’t an action.  Everyone has their own center, find yours.

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