A couple days a go, one of my co-workers, her name will be unstated, but the first letter of her name is T — and the rest of her name reminds me of a prize a woman wins — if she precipitates in a superficial contest that is known to be a home for malfunctions of the wardrobe, physical bloopers, strangely commercial talents, and, unfortunately, ignorant women that are being exploited by the hosts, the media, and their pipe-dream that often times fails, but convinces them that Hooters is a viable option.  ————–Now I’ve done it.  She said something to me that made me start thinking about some random stuff.

Let me just say, I have been on a work bender, and I have a vacation coming up, that excites me as much as it harkens a sense of reality, so, if things get weird — or already seem weird — know that it isn’t intentional as much as it is instinctive.  I have been out of high school and in the–quote, unquote, REAL WORLD–for ten years now.  I’m not sure if I should be excited, devastated, or mortified, but I am strangely in the mood for a road trip.  Summer is about experiences, winter is about reflection.    

In those ten years since high school, many bad things have happened, some good things prevailed, others tricked us in to thinking life is about what happens on TV –Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Scandal, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Real Housewives of wherever, Honey Boo Boo, Justin Bieber, Lebron James, Johnny Manziel, Miley Cyrus, and etc., etc.  Also, we have seen the  fall of Sports legacy, and grottos of fans.  Yet, our eyes have been opened to the rise in Rules, hot heads, commercials, flops, showmanship, and money paid to athletic “Superstars.”

We have witnessed assassinations, executions, torture, the power of lobbing, the decline of physical, social interaction, dishonor, discombobulation, and all around confusion.  Gas prices skyrocketed, Taxes were boosted, corporations were built as private businesses struggled to stay a float; bees have nearly disappeared, poachers still run rampant, Ebola is real, and the middle east will never be free of war.

The Good News

We survived the end of days, we saw evil men get punished for heinous crimes, we made music festivals cool again, we rooted for the Jayhawks.  The Seahawks finally won the Super Bowl, and we were elated when Scorsese finally won an Oscar.  But we cried for Whitney Houston, OWS protestors being abused by the police, Michael Jackson, the rise in GMOs, and the fact that we are young, dumb, and entitled and people like Robin Williams chooses to kill himself, instead of dealing with life.

Life isn’t about the world around you.  Life is about creating a world that you control.  Positive thinking, respect, love, and the ability to overcome obstacles — whether they are physical, emotional, metaphorical, or imaginary — are just some of the few ways that will help you achieve an honest life.  

Don’t fall victim to distraction.  If someone said it, it only counts if you can vouch for it.  Try things, understand your environment, be proactive in preserving it and you will be the happiest person on the planet.

The catch — you have to think about what you see, smell, taste, feel, and hear.  You HAVE to observe.  You have to understand situations and assess the causes and the effects before they even happen.  This will take some soul searching, some practice, and some thing else….something that works for you.

I want you to be happy.  I need you to stick around.  I desire a world where everyone is doing exactly what they want, but nothing comes easy.  There is not a single person that has all the answers.  But my answer will never — EVER — be, I’m going to end my life.  Someone somewhere loves you deeply, and someone else needs you.  I wouldn’t mind being both.

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