The Ever so Challenging….Women

Before I go through with this, if anything I say sounds offensive, just pretend it wasn’t and take this as an apology.  I want to be clear that it wasn’t my intention to come off as such.

Women are beautiful creatures.  From head to toe, women truly are a work of art.  I have an infinite amount of respect for women.  From the way they walk, to the sound of their voice while they talk, to the curious ideas that spill from their brains to the way they look and present themselves, women captivate me.  

Women are tender, caring creatures, and without them, none of us could be granted the pleasure of enjoying their presence.  Speaking of their caring nature, women are infinitely strong, courageous and tough — this is not an excuse to harm them, it just happens to be an underrated trait women posses — childbirth, in point.  

The fact that women can actually create a human inside their body, while risking their own health and well being should be the most obvious reason to respect them and cherish their being.  When I hear of stories that explain otherwise, I get sick to my stomach.  Now, I’m no angel.  I am guilty of some evil towards women, but I like to think that those are mistakes that are in my past, and each day I live, I grow and change into a new person.  Each evolutionary step forward I have made always leads me to being a better person that strives to give women as much respect as I would give to any other being on the planet, if not more.  

That being said, if you feel, you are a woman that I have disrespected in any way, I am truly sorry.

Although women epitomize all that is good, caring, and beautiful, a woman scorned is a fierce power, capable of infinite, yet, mostly justifiable, evil.  Some of you guys out there, that have wronged a woman, probably know what I am talking about.  And everyone has heard the stories about  the unspeakable property/physical damage they are capable of — Lorena Bobbitt — when a woman catches word of an adulterer.  Which by the way, I think it must be said, that a woman’s intuition is almost always right, and they will always find out if they have been wronged, and I’m convinced that mothers have eyes, not just on the back of their head, but everywhere in between as well.  

So guys, please, please, PLEASE treat the women of the world correctly.  Open the door, listen to their woes, ease their insecurities, treat them respectful at all costs, and know how powerful they are.  

So, hopefully without offending anyone, I wrote this post in honor of a playlist featuring songs that feature women.  I have done playlists like this before, and they are very hard.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact, that if too many women are in the same place at the same time, things can get a little complicated — again, no offense.  For the record too many men in the same place can be equally complicated.  

Hope you enjoy.

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