Valentine’s Day


Remember the days when Valentine’s Day was as simple as making a mailbox out of old shoe boxes and craft paper?  Then you would gorge yourself with hard candy hearts with loving messages on them, drop your little love cards in the boxes placed on the edge of everyone’s desk and go home with extra cupcakes and snack sized bags of candy.  What a wonderfully simply life.

Then, you grow up get a significant other and stress for two weeks trying to get reservations, plan deliveries of exotic bouquets, find the right words to say to make  his or her day more special than any other day, and about the money you have spent  in the process.  In simplified form:  IT GOT DIFFICULT.

But why?  Why is there an over whelming demand to make one single day out of the year so special?  Why is this thoughtful and loving way of life not a…

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