The Grammys of two thousand fourteen

The Grammy’s tonight showed me a great deal of things.  It may sound cynical but this year was weak in the music category.  The choices for best album were lackluster for music as a whole, but the performances were phenomenal, and that is what I am going to talk about.

Beyonce is sexy, we knew that already, and her visual album confirmed our thoughts but that performance was something…whew, man.  LL Cool J, though he didn’t perform, his words as the host touched me.  His quick synopsis of the nominees and what music means to them really tugged on my heart strings.  Taylor Swift is a phenomenal songwriter.  I don’t always agree with her pop mentality but it works for her, so I’ll let it be.  I still hate Metallica, and Ringo tries hard but dammit that man is goofy.  I have a VERY hard time relating to hip hop, so Kendrick Lamar means very little to me.  Paul still has the energy and the ability to bring boy hood dreams to life, but a long life does a lot to a voice.  Unless you are Willie Nelson.  The Highwaymen reunion was cool until Willie stopped singing.  Nothing against Kris Kristopherson and Merle Haggard, but you guys sound old. Willie Nelson is TIMELESS.  I guarantee I will weep like a baby when he passes on to the great kingdom above.  Sara Bareilles sounded childish playing opposite of Carole King.  Wish they could have meshed in a couple good songs into that colab.  I know I said I don’t relate well to Hip Hop, but the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performance had me weeping like a child when the couples got married.  I feel like a proper Lou Reed or George Straight or Ray Manzerek tribute was in order, but as Mick Jagger would sing, “You can’t always get what you want.”  Daft Punk ran away with everything that Pharrell didn’t and it is well deserved.  Justin Timberlake got shafted and life is cruel for many artists that released albums in 2013 that didn’t even get nominated (my nod to Vampire Weekend).  Pink should have joined the circus and the guy from Fun. is weird looking but damn he has an interesting voice.  The closing performance was random and weird, not saying I didn’t like it, but would have been cooler if the musicians involved could have combined forces instead of competed song to song.  What evs……I hope you like the Grammy’s more than I did, or at least as much as I did.


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