2013 and life as we know it

Let me tell you what I learned from, 2013.  I am not going to sugar coat this, and I am not going to hold back.  It actually pains my heart to know what I learned from 2013.  I am not only disappointed with life and pop culture, but I am legitimately pained by the very little I learned this past year.

I hate knowing what twerking is.  I hate knowing that Miley Cyrus declined a proposal for marriage.  I hate knowing that Justin Bieber peed in a mop bucket.  I am pained to know Kim Kardashian got married…again.

I am proud to know that the Pacific ocean is toxic;  I am happy to know that St. Paul and the Broken Bones are an item at Wakarusa.  I am happy that my Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl prediction may come true, but I am mad that the Colts won’t.  For reasons beyond the questions of life…deal with it.

I am mad at humans, and pleased with animals existence.  No one wants to wake up to a world without Lions.  And no one should.  I am mad at the government for listening and probably monitoring this blog.  God bless America, but mass respect for the rest of the world.

Arcade Fire tried to make disco cool again, Typhoon captured me and Vampire Weekend made the best album since Suburbs…not a hard accomplishment but a better one than trying to top anything on the Country Music Billboard.

New life brings new ideas, and new ideas remind us of what we can do.

Live responsibly and remember life before what you know…only to better the world.


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