A Grizzly Fox in an Arcade during a Typhoon

Night comes far too soon for me now.  The dark consumes the beauty of green grass and bloomed flowers to make room for the dreary cold.  I am not a fan of the winter and one day I will find a place in this world that will accept me and banish the cold snowy nights that haunt my commutes and threaten the livelihood of my extremities with promises of a bite.  The winter has always been a foe to my income, ambition, and love of the out doors.  But until the day comes that I can find constant warmth I will live with a chip on my shoulder.

The winter does have an interesting way of revealing the earth.  Once the trees shiver naked in the wind and the grass hibernates to hide themselves from frost, the hard core of the world around us is exposed.  In its most  conspicuous of days we see how strong and persistent the planet is.  Despite the fear of it slowly being eaten away by human’s need to consume and innovate, the earth holds fast and takes the blows like the most hard boiled boxing champ of the universe.   Still in the midst of its strength, the ground and the world being held on its shoulders seems to whimper and groan for the warm sunshine and enriching showers of a summer rain.

However, I am not completely cynical towards winter, for there is some good to come from being blanketed in front of the fireplace.  It gives me time to — well — enjoy a fireplace and drink craft beer and bourbon — ahh my beloved bourbon, I get to grow a bitchin beard, and most importantly, being a shut-in to avoid the cold gives me the chance to listen to really great music.  Music sounds better in the winter because songs promise things; the promises give me hope and calm my weary heart because I know that once those first green blades sprout out of the earth and the trees grow cute little buds I will act on music’s promises in the warm sunshine and hot air.

So, let’s talk about what I am going to be listening to this winter.  Better yet, let me give you a playlist that will shed light on the strange title of this post, because there is a good chance you saw “A Grizzly Fox in an Arcade during a Typhoon” and became overwhelmingly intrigued.  Still once you began reading the sad, cynical TomSnare drag on and on about the lulls of winter you became either struck by my poetic style of writing (Here’s to hoping) yet very distraught and sad, or extremely bored and just wanted to get to the playlist.  So, to ease all minds equally here are some songs for you to listen to.  Now I urge you to listen to them in the order that they are placed in the list, because it makes for some great free flowing stories.


1. White Liars – Typhoon
2. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) – Arcade Fire
3. Sun it Rises – Fleet Foxes
4. Foreground – Grizzly Bear
5. Neon Bible – Arcade Fire
6. Possible Deaths – Typhoon
7. Gun-Shy – Grizzly Bear
8. Bedouin Dress – Fleet Foxes
9. Modern Man – Arcade Fire
10. Mouth of the Cave – Typhoon
11. Your Protector – Fleet Foxes
12. We Exist – Arcade Fire
13. Yet Again – Grizzly Bear
14. Dreams of Cannibalism – Typhoon
15. Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
16. Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire
17. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
18. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
19. Old Haunts (New Cities) – Typhoon
20. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) – Arcade Fire

Hope the title makes a little more sense to you now, if not…..well who cares, I’m sure you can enjoy life anyway.


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