Man from Cave Three

On the night of the full moon, the man from cave three, spoke to a girl from a cave. He did not say much, but the words he said were true and strong, full of gall, crazed with blind love, and a wish; drenched in joy, and left to be wet for a long time. He spoke with ease and grace, warm and proud, though a smidge long in the breath with a bend to lug on for a long time, he meant not to, it was just his way of owning love for her.   He was bound and set in his mind that he would be wed to this girl by the next full moon.

This girl was not so sure she would be wed to him. It was not that the man from cave three was not very nice to speak to or even look at, it just seemed that the girl from a cave did not feel she called a cave her home; with that said, the man from cave three or any man from any other cave in the whole cave hood should not be who she must wed. She found that the times she was most glad, and felt so full of life and energy came when she was solo in a field, to laugh at the grass and smile at the sky as the rich sun beamed down on her face and arms and legs. She did not need a man. All men feel it was their job as a man to keep her safe, glad, fed, or warm. She did not feel this to be true. She can work the field, for her self, she can hunt for her self, she can strike the fire by her self, and she can make her own bed full of warmth for her self.  All she had, she earned with hard work. She was strong, full of life and a good shot with a sling and rocks.

This type of life did not suit the men from caves. They were scared that this girl from a cave would fail and die in the cold night by the paws and claws of the Great Beast. For the Great Beast was a strong foe to the men from caves; it had killed a lot of men; so they were sure that a small girl would be no match for the Great Beast. This is why the man from cave three did want to be wed to the girl from a cave. He was in quite a fear for the girl, he was quiet fond of the girl and did not want a thing to harm her or kill her. So he felt that he must guard her and guide her through life, as to ease her mind, and her soul, to live slow, and have time for any thing. To hunt and fish, find wood and brush to burn for heat, make a bed out of warm moss and tall grass, and to build a fine hut is no life for a girl from a cave. She must take his plea to wed him to heart.

As luck would have it, the girl from a cave still turned down the man from cave three’s plans to be wed by the next full moon. The man did start to beg on his knees, but she still said no to his grave pleas. No sum of pleas could change the way her heart felt solo in a field. Even as she spoke with man from cave three, her thoughts trailed to that field full of sun and grass and blue sky. Her lips were in a grin with joy at the thought, but she knew she must not let the man cave three see, for he would be crushed more so than he was.
So when the men from the cave hood heard the un-sound news of the girl from a cave’s choice to stay un-wed they got as one near a fire and made a plan to rid her from their cave hood. For no girl could live in their cave hood with out a man to be wed to. Their board speech went like so:
“She must go,” said man from cave two with rage in his voice, “She has no place here if she does not wed!”
“Yes, he speaks the truth.” Man from cave one was more calm in his speech, but it was not calm to the full sum of man from cave three to be with out fear.

“But, where will she go?”

“That is not our fear any more,” Man from cave two was more loud now, “She has sealed her own fate! She does not want to live by our rules; she will not live at all in this cave hood! She must be gone!!”

Man from cave one looks to man from cave three with a hint of fear, but with his look he hopes he can soothe man from cave three’s rage felt with man from cave two. “He makes a good point, she has been set to wed, she did not take this set law, so she has sealed her own fate. This is her choice, and no more our fear. She must go.”
“I grasp it with a sad and low type mood. But, if she must go, I will be the one to tell her.” The man from cave three sighs, his words are sad and he wished it did not have to be so, but as they came as one, the law was made and the girl from a cave broke the law, she must be cast from the cave hood. So, he made the trip to her place that she loved in the field to find her in the grass with her pipe lit.

The girl from a cave did look as though joy was in her life as she sat there in that field with her pipe lit. Man from cave three smiled from a far at her joy. He now saw that she did not look as though she should live in a cave. The joy beams from her skin and gives her a look with more love than he could give her. She had a fire and food on a stick that cooked over coals. Her lean form was not bare to the cold, and her bed lay under a hut made of logs. She was in fact fine, free of a man. With a shrug, a smirk and a smile the man from cave three took a step to the girl to tell her she had been cast from the cave hood, but on the edge of the field the man from cave three saw a tall, fuzzed mass. He stood froze in the face of fear for the girl from a cave.

He could not think, for that mass could be the Great Beast on the hunt for his sweet girl from a cave. His nerves were in a twitch and his throat was hoarse and dry for he could not yell to her aid, but in his shock the beast would not yield and the man from cave three knew it must be stopped. So, he grabbed a stick to fend off the Great Beast, his feet moved quick and quiet. He thought he would cut the beast off at the rear of the hut. He would then smack the Great Beast’s face to break the stick to draft a point. With the point of the stick he would plunge it in the Great Beast’s throat to cease its breath and cause sure death to save the girl.

The Great Beast picked up a pace in the way of the girl. So he knew the time to act was now. He jumped to a run straight for the rear of the hut to cut the beast off and save the girl from sure death. In the time he took to get to the hut his thoughts beamed with hope that the girl, in the wake of him a hero, she would be his to wed. She would grasp that a man in her life is a good thing, and that the man from cave three, would be the best man for her to wed. He was in a day-dream about their day when they would hold hands and kiss to seal their fate as one. As he was done with his run to the hut, his thoughts gained heart of the task at hand once more. The stick that was thick but not strong so that it would break on the Great Beast’s head. He peered around the hut to see the Great Beast in a run, but the girl sat calm with her pipe lit. She did not know what her fate held.

As the man from cave three came to the front of the hut at arms with a stick he grasped a new sight. The girl and the Great Beast were one with each other. They were friends, if not to own each other. The man from cave three fell to his hind in shock and awe at the sight in front of his eyes. He could do not a thing but laugh at the scene he now grasped, as the girl reached her fight hand out to stroke the Great Beast’s fur head and held her left hand out to feed the Great Beast a hunk of meat from her hunt. Then the Great Beast lay at her feet, calm.

No words still just shock for the man from cave three, but he stood to walk to the girl and the beast, but it would be a gaffe as the Great Beast was not kind to the strange man. By no time for the man to speak, the Great Beast was on his feet with jaw wide and teeth to bite. The life of man from cave three flashed in front of his eyes, as he was sure to breathe his last breath at this very time.

“BEAST! HALT! He is no threat to us!” The girl from a cave that was soon to be the girl from the field for all time had saved man from cave three’s life. This came as a sure shock to the man, for just a time back, it was he that was to save her. The wit was too much for him to bear, he snapped the stick and plunged the sharp end into his gut, to bleed out slow and with pain.

That night when the man from cave three had died, the girl from a field and the Great Beast fed on his meat, and slept sound as any phase in time at all.


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