Valentine’s Day

Remember the days when Valentine’s Day was as simple as making a mailbox out of old shoe boxes and craft paper?  Then you would gorge yourself with hard candy hearts with loving messages on them, drop your little love cards in the boxes placed on the edge of everyone’s desk and go home with extra cupcakes and snack sized bags of candy.  What a wonderfully simply life.

Then, you grow up get a significant other and stress for two weeks trying to get reservations, plan deliveries of exotic bouquets, find the right words to say to make  his or her day more special than any other day, and about the money you have spent  in the process.  In simplified form:  IT GOT DIFFICULT.

But why?  Why is there an over whelming demand to make one single day out of the year so special?  Why is this thoughtful and loving way of life not a common practice for all days?  I’m sure for several people doing something special for your loved one is a daily ritual.  To those of you that are extra loving everyday, Good For You!

Love should not be framed by one day of spending loads of money, stressing over reservations, and eating sweets all day long.  Love is something that exists because you know with out the other person you would not feel whole.  To go a day without their presence would throw your entire week out of whack.  To spend every minute of the day that goes by without them by your side, thinking about what they are doing and wishing that the moment you can hold them tight and kiss them again would hurry up and arrive.  Love is a feeling deep inside of all of us.  Love is not a 7 o’ clock reservation at the nicest restaurant in town, or a bouquet of prickly stemmed flowers, or a box of heart shaped sugar.

Valentine’s Day can evoke a lot of different emotions out of people.  For some it can cause an extra sentimental mindset that wants to go all out and spend a lot of money to make someone know they are loved.  That is fine, I say different strokes for different folks.  Others think of it as just another day to wake up, kiss their loved one, go to work, come home kiss again and go to bed.  That is fine too.  But there is another group of people who hate the holiday.  Like legitimately hate everything the holiday is about.  Maybe they are bitter, maybe they are just hateful people, or maybe they are recently single. What ever the case may be, that’s fine by me too, just don’t get your hate vibes too close to me.

For today, I have made two playlists.  One for both extremes of the spectrum.  One playlist for the extra lovey-dovey types, and one that says “Be gone love!”  For the people in the middle, I’m sure you can find pleasure in all of the songs as long as you are a fan of music.

So, no matter how you feel, just try and enjoy your day, I’m sure there is some good you can find, or at the very least, make for yourself.  It’s February, spring is almost here.

For the Lovers

For the Anti-Lovers

Cheers!  Hope you enjoy your day, no matter who or what you may love.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

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  2. I am visiting your blog from the L Palmer Chronicles. I enjoyed your post and the simplicity. We shouldn’t have to spend bucket loads of money for someone to know they are loved and valued. I feel like I am constantly buying things for my kids and I don’t really feel that all of that stuff fills the gap anyway.
    You might enjoy some of my posts about my efforts to learn the violin and how music is allowing me to express so many emotions I could never express in words.

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