Heroic Struggles with Math

Imagine I am an academic super hero, soaring above and beyond my class mates with flying colors for the better good of humanity.  If it helps you don’t have to picture me with underwear on over my tights, instead I have a cool kevlar material that makes me look extra buff and protects me from flying leaded pencils.  I have a cape to pull in front of my papers to ensure no one cheats off of my paper, and my mask merely keeps my nerdy persona separate from my rock star life.  Do you have the image?  Pretty cool right?

For every good super hero, there is an equal nemesis.  Someone or thing that can destroy the hero or cause his emotions to get the best of him and crush him under the weight of evil.  For 4.0 man (my alter super hero ego), it’s Math.  Math can crush me just by existing.  Math to 4.0 man is like Sabertooth to Wolverine, Green Goblin to Spiderman, Dr. Claw to Inspector Gadget, Darth Vader to Obi Wan Kenobi, Kryptonite to Superman, or Bain to Batman.  I can hear the algorithms with a strangely loud and creepy voice say, “Your punishment must be more severe than simply failing my class.”

Luckily for me this semester’s go at math I will have a sidekick.  Someone to swoop in and save me in that clutch moment when hope is all but lost.  It’s not a calculator by the way.  I will be receiving some lessons from Debbie’s father, who has tutored several kids in all levels of math.  Let’s give it up for my Robin, my R2-D2, my Brain the dog, my Justice league or X-Men.  Yeah you get the picture.

Anyway, in honor or my constant struggle with Math, I have prepared a list of songs that involve math, either in title or material.  I’ll tell you it was hard to find these songs.  Several hours of listening to music hoping to find something about math was fun, challenging, and creative.  So, Cheers to Math…..I guess.

1. 2+2=5 – Radiohead
2. Fine + 2 PTS – Minus the Bear
3. Add It Up – Violent Femmes
4. Come Together – The Beatles
5. 4 + 20 – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
6. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds – Jefferson Airplane
7. One – Harry Nilsson
8. Seventy Times 7 – Brand New
9. The Calculation – Regina Spektor
10. Fractions – Emery
11. Bargain – The Who
12. 10 Percent – Mimicking Birds.



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