Surviving the Apocalypse

2012 is nearly at its end.  It was full of new adventures and fresh beginnings for me.  Relocating myself to New Jersey may have been the best thing for me at this point in my life.  As much as I enjoyed my time and the great friends I made in Kansas and Missouri, I needed to take a step back.  I feel bad about leaving my wonderful family behind, but they understand that I needed to rekindle the fire inside myself.  That fire that I once had was flickering to a dim lit ember, in a pile of ash.  That fire was my drive for reading, writing, and being creative, but I had nearly exhausted it with poor decisions, diminished pride in myself, and ugly living conditions.  Then October of 2011 came along, and I made the jump to leave that all behind and start a new, proactive lifestyle.  I have to give a lot of thanks to my mom and my step-dad Rich for allowing me the opportunity; by offering me a room and stability was just what I needed.  So, in honor of the exciting year that is 2012, let’s recap.

I don’t know if I can go through this in chronological order, so instead let’s go through everything I can think of in Alphabetical order.  I’ll start with Adele.

My lovely girlfriend whom I met in the time it takes March to carry over to April, making April 1st our official anniversary, loves Adele, for good reason too.  She is an amazing artist, with a voice unlike this time period, and an ability to write stories into songs with beautiful melodies.  Those are just a few of the many reasons her sophomore album 21 went Diamond, by selling more than 10 million copies.  In this day and age, where it has become so easy for listeners to illegally download albums, and so hard for artists to sell complete albums, that is quite the feat.  So, kudos to Adele.

Moving on now to Batman.  My favorite superhero detective struck again, in the company of Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Christopher Nolan.  Christopher Nolan has proved himself to be a great director in movies like Inception, Memento, the remake of Insomnia, and the latest Batman trilogy.  Even though The Rise of the Dark Knight, found it hard to one up Dark Knight it was still a killer superhero movie.  I may be biased, because of my affinity for Batman, but I think as far as superhero movies go, nothing beats a Batman movie.

A few months ago my girlfriend and I went to a concert in Philadelphia, at the gorgeous Kimmel Center.  The concert of course was an artist that starts with C.  Conor Oberst played an acoustic set to the small audience that the Kimmel Center allows.  I had seen Conor before but it was an electric set, when he released an album with The Mystic Valley Band.  That, too, was a great show, but to have an artist, sitting with an acoustic guitar and singing is extremely emotional and I feel a little more connected to the songs in that setting.  I am a sucker for  a good acoustic song.

For D, let’s do a two for combination.  Not because I can’t write a lot about one or the other, but because I have a lot of letters to get through.  So, let’s start with the lovely girlfriend that I so casually mention in many of my posts.  Her name is Debbie, or Deborah.  She is a wonderful woman with strong convictions and an endless desire to learn and that maybe explains why she is working on her PhD in global affairs.  She has worked very hard in the years before we met and the 8 months we have been together to continuously get a 4.0.  She is an amazing human being and a great partner for me.  I love her dearly.  The other D would have to be no other than Danny Zucko, our wonderfully annoying cat.  He is a pistol full of “GREASE LIGHTNING!!”  He is a nuisance that loves paper bags and all other things that make noise, and of course enjoys playing with these things in the dead of the night, when mommy and daddy are sleeping, but we love him just the same.  You can read about him a little more in my previous post titled New Cat (

E is for my education.  I chose to go back to school this year.  It has been fulfilling and fun, and I’m glad I made the decision.

F is for Fantasy Football.  This year in football has been interesting to say the least.  Between the replacement refs screwing up game deciding decisions and my Kansas City Chiefs blowing the season, Fantasy Football has been the only thing I could hold on to to stomach the season.  Thanks to RGIII for being the best first round draft pick a boy could ask for.

G is for guns.  This year has brought some terrible tragedies to us Americans.  Guns have been a continued discussion as the many shootings of this year have taken the lives of many.  The most recent case of course is the awful situation in Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The news still hasn’t stopped covering it, and it still chokes me up to hear about it. I don’t own any guns, though I have before.  I lost them to theft but I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to own a gun, so I am not too upset about it.  I am not anyone else so I cannot think on anyone else’s’ behalf, but if you do own a gun, be sensible, PLEASE.

H is for Hunterdon County New Jersey.  Easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived.  But it is supposed to be a secret, so I’ll stay hush hush about the details that make it so.

I is for I still have a lot of letters to get through.  haha, hope you are still with me.

J is for Justin Bieber.  The way this young man has taken over the media is amazing.  Every other thing I see on the news, the Internet, or the magazines  is about Justin Bieber and Bieber Fever.  He breaks hearts and claims new ones everyday.  I don’t like him, but I have to say I am intrigued with him.

K is for Kate Middelton.  The Duchess of Cambridge has been all over the the headlines this year for a number of things.  She has really become a spectacle.  Wether it was naked photos of her being leaked to the Internet, being a part of the first commoner family to join the Queen for Christmas, or the fact that her pregnancy sparked a contoversial prank that led to a woman from Australia to kill herself, Kate has forced herself into our lives and has become the most important english woman since Princess Di.

L is for Levon Helm.  I am listening to Electric Dirt as I type this.  It’s a good album, like it a lot.  Anyway, we lost Levon this year to cancer.  He was a well respected artist and had a great voice.  He was so well respected in fact, that there was a concert to honor him in NYC.  The show featured many great artists including, John Mayer, the remaining members of The Band, My Morning Jacket, Joe Walsh, Lucinda Williams and many more.

M is for the crazy Mayans and their controversial calendar.  I’m not sure about all the details, but I guess their calander predicted the world to come to an end two days ago (12/21/2012).  Considering I am typing this ridiculous list of events in alphabetical order, I guess they were wrong and I must say I am happy they were.  I like the life I have made for myself and would like to keep it going.

N is for HBO’s original series The Newsroom.  HBO has always set the standard for premium television channels, creating some of the greatest shows…..EVER, and this year is no exception.  With Game of Thrones making it’s second season, Boardwalk on it’s third this year, The Newsroom was the show I looked forward to watching every week.  Debbie and I had heard about it, and I had read a lot of reviews on it, but didn’t really start watching it until about half way through the season was over, but with the magic of DVR and OnDemand we got caught up quickly and finished the season in real time, and couldn’t be happier about it.  I can’t wait for Sorkin, Daniels and company to start the second season.

O is for Obama.  He started his second term this year by beating out Republican Mitt Romney.  Many were thrilled and it seems many more were upset.  I’m not sure how this works it self out.  If so many people are disappointed with Obama winning a second term then why did he not get voted out of office in the first place?  Is it because the Republicans have a hard time getting voters?  Whatever the case may be, Barack Obama is an uplifting speaker, and has a way of gathering support and building up hopes.  His wife is nothing to shrug at either.  Michelle has done a great job of putting an emphasis on our health.  Both Obamas are intelligent and speak with a gentle certainty that is really comforting. That is why they won a second term.

P is for people.  People have really done some amazing things over the thousands of years they have been in existence.  Some notable things are designing the wheel, creating fire, developing networks, and becoming the dominant species on the planet.  Whether its for the better or the worse of the world, people have firmly planted themselves and it seems that we keep surviving world ending events so we aren’t going anywhere soon.  So CHEERS to the people of the world.

Q is for Quarterbacks.  This year the NFL created some great quarterbacks and affirmed the greatness of past quarterbacks.  Drew Brees breaking the record for most consecutive games with a TD and Tom Brady right on his heels both have planted their ability in Hall of Fame worthy careers.  RGIII, Andrew Luck, Russel Wilson, Brandon Weeden, and Ryan Tannenhill have all proved that rookie quarterbacks should be taken seriously.  With 2012 possibly being the best class of Rookie quarterbacks to date, I felt it necessary to write about them, and I needed something to fill in Q and it fit the bill.

R is restless writer trying to make a list of things that happened in 2012.  This may have been a bad idea.  I hope you are still with me.

S is going to be another two-for.  S is for social media and hurricane Sandy.  Social Media because this year has made it clear that social media can be used for more than keeping up with your friends and family.  Social Media has proved it self to be a valuable tool in mobilizing people in the event of a revolution.  This is shown in the Arab Spring and The Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Both events can give credit to social media for helping their causes and spreading the word about protests and demonstrations.  Hurricane Sandy was an event that affected the east coast in the worst kind of way.  She swept in and destroyed cities and left millions without power and in some cases home, and in even more dramatic fashion life.  You can read more about my experience in my post titled Electricity: A Story of Dependency (

T is for Tim Tebow.  Though I have said 2012 has been a year for Quarterbacks, unfortunately for Tebow, it has not been his year to shine.  I think many people were shocked when he decided to go to the Jets this year.  Especially since they held on to Mark Sanchez.  Why would such a high profile player go to a team and agree to be second string, and then endure the season as the guy who doesn’t play when the first string player gets benched?  I think next year the Jets will release Sanchez and trade Tebow.  I have read some articles and sources say expect him in Jacksonville next year.

U is for urine.

V is for vagina.  This goes back to the republicans having a hard time gathering votes.  Considering many of them are on record, in front of people, and confidently and with pride say women have a way of stopping pregnancy in the event of rape.  Don’t make laws about peoples vaginas, that’s dumb.

W is for Wilco.  Another concert I had the pleasure of seeing this year was Wilco in Brooklyn.  Awesome show.  Wilco has long been one of my favorite bands.  They rock man.  Sky Blue Sky is easily my favorite album.  If you are unfamiliar with the band for sure check that album out.  They have a pretty extensive catalogue so don’t limit your self to that album, but if you want a jump off point it’s a good way to start.

X is for Xavier.  My girlfriends good friend Lauren had a baby this year and though I have not met her, her husband, or the baby themselves, I have seen pictures and Xavier is a cute little baby.  So, yeah that’s my X. haha

Y is for YouTube.  YouTube has created many sensations over the years, and has become an aweome outlet for seeing videos and creating stars.  This year of all the videos on the web, YouTube sensation Psy has created a dance and song that swept the world.  Gangnam Style has over a billion views and Psy himself has been all over the news since.  So yeah.  I am not a fan, but I have to give credit when credit is due.  When I look on YouTube, I prefer the Epic Rap Battles of History.  They started their second season this year and it has been full of laughs and Epic Rap Battles indeed.  My favorite of this year is Santa Clause vs. Moses.  Moses being played by Snoop Dog couldn’t get much better. So thank you YouTube for entertaining us yet again.

Finally Z is for Zoo.  I love going to the zoo.  It has always been at the top of my list for things to do.  I have enjoyed the pleasure of zoos all over the country.  This year however I got to see the country’s first zoo ever.  It’s in Philadelphia and it’s as awesome as any I have seen.  You can read more about my experience at the zoo in my post tittled America’s First Zoo (

And that folks is 2012 in alphabetical review.  Did you make it to the end?  I hope so.  That was rough, I didn’t know if I could make it to the end.  Now I have to go get ready for work, so I leave you with a quote from Tom Robbin’s Skinny Legs and All:  “Of all the Seven Dwarfs, the only one who shaved was Dopey.  That should tell you something about the wisdom of shaving.”
I hope you had a great year, and I wish you all a happy holiday.  CHEERS!!!!


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