Just because I listen to sad music, doesn’t mean I’m sad

I spent most of the day home alone, watching sports center, and procrastinating finalizing a copy of my paper for English class.  I still have plenty of time to finish, but the point is, with all this free time today I fell into a somber mood.  Not because something sad happened to me, or I’m a closet emo hipster, just because I didn’t do much.

Somber moods have a funny way of making me realize how happy I am.  They remind me of the rough times I have been through in the past.  The times I broke up with girlfriends, lost family members, or failed to make my parents proud are all things I have moved past, but I like to think back to them from time to time. Remembering those hardships and knowing that I came out on top is really uplifting.

I have felt pretty bad about myself before, being a 20 something in this day and age can be rough and I experienced a lot of those growing splinters.  They hurt like hell, and some even drew blood, but I tweezed them out, sterilized the wound, and they are on their way to healing.  Make no mistake it was hard and I’m still working at it, but I will be alright.  I hold my head high, and believe in my success.

For me, somber moods are good for more than realizing the hardships and misfortunes I’ve been through; They are great for listening to sad songs.  So, between watching the “talking heads” of SportsCenter talking about that controversial, game winning call in the Monday Night game and eating random things in the kitchen cabinets I flipped through my Itunes.  I found some old-fashioned sad songs to lift my spirit.  As a courtesy, I will tell you the songs I chose, in the order I listened to them, to help me through some rough times in my life, and now helped me realize how well off I really am.  Enjoy!!

1. Love Interruption-Jack White

2. Lilac Wine-Jeff Buckley

3. Part One-Band of Horses

4. Grind My Bones-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5. Were You There?-M. Ward

6. Old Fashioned Morphine-Jolie Holland

7. Smokin’ from My Shootin’-My Morning Jacket

8. Murder in the City-The Avett Brothers

9. Timshel-Mumford & Sons

10. Innocent Son-Fleet Foxes

11. Please Be Patient with Me-Wilco

12. Play Crack the Sky-Brand New

13. Goodbye, Dear Friend-Deer Tick



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