Don’t run from “Shields”

Indie music has always been a means to get good music to the masses (keep in mind Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley all got famous from independent labels).  This form of delivering has never let up or quit impressing us.  Delivering some of the best music of the decades.
With this said, Grizzly Bear’s latest album “Shields” doesn’t let this trend slip into the abyss.  “Shields” has given me faith in music again, delivering some of the greatest melodies, most inrticate rhythms and most intellectual lyrics we have sat face to face to in almost a decade.  With their pop mentality, abstract rhythms and lyrical demand asking us, the herd, to “LISTEN TO ME, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT” you believe Ed Droste’s Thome Yorke meets Neil Young stories as they weave with Daniel Rossen’s Johnny Marr-esque guitar, and it makes you wonder if this is what Arcade Fire was shooting for.  The result is less Bruce more art.  More Radiohead less Crazy horse, but so damn good.



One thought on “Don’t run from “Shields”

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about this album. As much as I enjoyed this new ‘Grizzly’ release, I found their 2nd album more melodic than this one, Yellow House… just me.

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