America’s First Zoo

This was news to me, but can’t deny the facts.

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to America’s first zoo, in Philadelphia. I went with my mother, and we both really enjoyed it. The exhibits were fun and friendly and most of the animals were active because it was a nice day out. The containment vessels didn’t require binoculars to see the animals that were held, so up close and personal was the theme.

The taming of the elephant shrew

The first exhibit was the small mammals building. Full of, as you can imagine, warm blooded, live birthing creatures of miniature stature. Most of the small mammals were creepy looking, monkeys. I wasn’t impressed with them as I was with the part elephant, part shrew creature known only as the Elephant Shrew. Weighing up to 500 g and growing as long as 5.9 inches it is rarely spotted in the wild despite living in large communities. Here’s a little fact for the loved to be wooed ladies out there: They mate for life, so the lady elephant shrew picks out the male most compatible for her needs. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Close your eyes and open your mouth.

I took several pictures along the way, but few came out as exciting as this one of the Hippopotamus. I waited several minutes for the perfect picture. Following the enormous creatures with the lens of my Ipod. Patiently watching and hoping to capture what Hippos do best, amaze. In the near future I hope to get a real camera, in order to visually document my life. Until then, I will continue to use my Ipod and Instagram app. I will round this post off with the best pictures available. ENJOY!!

Momma Giraffe

Brown Pelican

Extremely Endangered

I loved watching this guy




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